Rucking Beginners Tips for Women

When trying a new thing, you’ve got questions! Well in this video, I give you the top questions and answers to get your started on a ruck or walk! If you’re local to the Triangle area/Raleigh, NC – join my local’s-only FB group MotherRuckersNC. If you’re anywhere else in the world, join my public Rucking […]

Women Ruckers + Shoes

Ladies, we love our shoes! Well, in this context, shoes are a TOOL to help you achieve MORE! Just like those Jimmy Choos or Prada, you want to be dropping $$$ on a high quality walking or running shoe! Your feet are the first and only thing that need to be supported when walking higher […]

Colleen’s Why for MotherRuckersNC

Resiliency. Prepared. Calm. Focused. Gathered. Supported. Magical. Fun. Those are the words I use to describe the outcome of classes and experiences in MRNC for women. I want every woman to feel those feels when she leaves our container of greatness. My goal as the leader, as the coach, is to make sure goals are […]

You believe what you listen to

What you listen to matters! More than you think! It goes along with the recommendation of, “Be careful who you surround yourself with.” What and who you’re listening to influences you on both the conscious and subconscious levels. And once a belief is in your subconscious, it’s more difficult to recognize and change. Are you […]

New Year, Time to Keep Healing

New Years, a holiday celebration in the Winter time, is genetically a time to rest from the activity and harvesting of the Summer and Fall. It’s a time for regeneration so that we have the mental and physical capacity to be planning for warmer days, high activity, and Spring flowers.  I don’t support the normal, […]