What you listen to matters! 👂🎧 More than you think!

It goes along with the recommendation of, “Be careful who you surround yourself with.”

What and who you’re listening to influences you on both the conscious and subconscious levels. And once a belief is in your subconscious, it’s more difficult to recognize and change.

Are you listening to music that uplifts you (like below) or degrades you?

Do you have people in your life that tell you “you can do hard things! I believe in you!” or are they saying “Why are you trying so hard?! You should quit if it’s tough.”

Words are EXTREMELY powerful. They shape what we THINK about ourselves and our lives, and they influence the CHOICES we make. 🔥 Are you choosing thoughts and actions based on the type of person YOU want to become? Or are you choosing thoughts and actions based on what others are telling you?

It’s time to get VERY clear on this. Because changing your subconscious thoughts and actions takes the most work to change. The subconscious must be “reprogrammed” at every thought and action/in-action to get it on board with where YOU want your life to go. It will fight back in the forms of excuses and reasons why you shouldn’t change. DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES. All it wants is comfort because change is hard and scary….but ohhhhh soooo worth it!!!!

If you need more positive, supportive people in your life more consistently, I highly recommend checking out the outdoor classes happening 4 days/week. Not only do we have positive vibes, we’ve got nature, strength training, and mindfulness fun all wrapped up into each session! 💪🔥❤️🌲

In the mean time, enjoy this jam, get up and dance!!!

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