Well Rooted CEO is now MotherRuckersNC! Outdoor fitness and nature immersion for the busy woman

You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, lets build resilience for it!

Now is the time to redefine what fitness actually is. Find strength in an activity so simple, with other women. Put weight on your back (safely) and get walking!


$80/mo Tuesday Body Tune Up Classes
at Lucky Elephant Yoga in Apex

$160 for 8 classes
(expires in 60 days)

$25 drop-in

What else comes with being a MotherRucker?

Tuesday indoor Body Tune Up classes at Lucky Elephant Yoga in Apex – $80/mo

Axe throwing, survival skills, fire side chats, new skills, wine tasting, food truck – the possibilities are endless!

As part of our dedication to the uplifting the local community, we regularly perform a variety of community service activities.

Boost your health further with visits to other small businesses!

Camping or Glamping for members-only with special treats, catering, education/speaker, fun activities, and more!

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Stop feeling guilty for all you need to get done today. Get relief from being able to multi-task your fitness with:

+ strength training
+ cardio
+ being outdoors
+ dog walking
+ business calls
+ memo recording
+ book listening
+ partner time
+ kid time

Being your healthiest is actually very simple. Load up a back pack with ice, flour, dumb bell, sand, or water and GET OUTSIDE GIRL!!

This is very necessary to being the best version of yourself. It’s not going to come from comfort. It’s not from excuses. If you want to be ready for anything, truly ready physically, mentally, and emotionally, we must do the uncomfortable work, to push ourselves past limiting beliefs, to be better than yesterday.

The services offered are simple, playful, woo-woo! You know being in nature feels right. You know being around other women, trying new things, moving your body, and taking time to disconnect (from your awesome hectic life), are necessary activities to help you achieve your goals and live life on YOUR terms. So, we’re combining them all to make the best use of your precious time.

I invite you to join other badass mother ruckers amplifying their energy, focus, joy, fitness, and creativity through daily movement classes and nature activities!

And oh yeah, we like to get a little rowdy sometimes!  (See below)

Why choose to fitness outside?

Tree Vibes

The more grounded your nervous system, the more productive you are.

Sun Light

Your body battery charger & hormone regulator. Energize & heal.

Fresh Air

Outdoor air cleans lungs, bolsters immunity, increases oxygen, which means you’re happier!


Fine &  gross motor skill work increase brain capacity defeating brain fog and lack of focus.

About Colleen

A fun fact about her: a couple years in her teens, she went Spring mud sliding in her yard with her friend because….what else do you do with long stretches of muddy grass?!

Here’s a few beliefs Colleen holds: she needs to be in a forest to feel whole, her greatest desire is for you to feel your strength, we all need more playful activity, and change of environment leads to better problem solving!

If you want to learn more, click here!

Client Testimonials

"You showed me a single legged squat and I thought 'Oh hell no I can't do that!' but then I did it and I felt awesome!"
"I have to believe there is a lot of interest in getting outside, taking some personal time and fun fitness all in one."
"Colleen helps me relieve stress and add quality to my life because I am stronger, more confident, and more able!"