Resiliency. Prepared. Calm. Focused. Gathered. Supported. Magical. Fun.

Those are the words I use to describe the outcome of classes and experiences in MRNC for women. I want every woman to feel those feels when she leaves our container of greatness. My goal as the leader, as the coach, is to make sure goals are set, boundaries are set, effort is high, expectations are higher. We must all work towards greatness, and if we aren’t, that is not life to live at all.

We can all achieve greatness. We just have to work our ass off for it. And it’s not going to come from being comfortable, or lazy, or spoon fed bull shit. You life is so easy, it’s a reality. You won’t amount to anything if you keep down the road of comfortable. Once you step outside your comfort zone, is when you’ll come home to yourself. You’ll find your calling. Your soul will ignite. You will fall in love with every cell of your being once again. Magic and wisdom comes from suffering, conquering, and reflection after it’s all done.

And all of it is better, and necessary, with other humans.

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