Let’s keep this simple shall we, your body’s ability to heal is your secret sauce to looking and feeling great, for a long time.

But in our modern time, we walk around with layers of stress that inhibit our body’s ability to return to homeostasis, a state of equilibrium.

Below are classes and ways I support busy women and moms!

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If you can’t regenerate (cells, blood, collagen, etc.) because of all the layers of stress your body is under, you’re going to be creaky, depressed, and sick.

These stress layers can include:

We live in this incredible age of information and we have more research than ever showing the benefits of things OUTSIDE of technology and houses. We actually know for fact that wifi/5G signals and blue light from screens are harming us.

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Don’t get overwhelmed, I’m here to help. I’ve lived in the body, mental health, sustainability, eco, nature, research world my entire life and I’m here to show you that we can SIMPLY help ourselves through a few impactful things:

So how am I helping you? Well, that list above, it’s diverse right? Because as humans, we are multifaceted and need to approach our health from a few different angles. Can we take them one step at a time? Absolutely! Here’s what I have for you.

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Outdoor Fitness & Nature Activities
Membership based
Weekly T, W, TH, SA – sign up here
at Shadetree Homestead, New Hill

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Roll and Move it out with:
Weekly Indoor ‘Body Tune Up’ classes – sign up here
Tuesday’s 4-5pm at Lucky Elephant Yoga + Wellness, Apex

More awesome stuff below:

Group education and community building:
Workshops – check the schedule here

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Free Women’s Rucking/Walking in Fuquay/Holly Springs!
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Need some mobility tools?
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