Outdoor fitness and nature activities for the busy woman in New Hill NC

Everything you know you should do, that you don’t make time for!

You spend a lot of time inside your house and your head running your business or household. Drop into your body, in fresh air and sunlight, healing fatigue and building resiliency.

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Being your healthiest is actually very simple when we root into the correct activities. We just live in a whirlwind of billion dollar marketing from the fitness and supplement industries distracting us from true health, always making it appear very complicated.

The services I offer may appear too simple, too playful, too woo-woo to create change. But I ask you, where do you, or most women, choose to vacation? Do people find their peace at the beach or the big city?

Imagine this; you just finished an outdoor workout, you’re sweaty and feel good tired. Sunshine warming your skin. You wander down the forest path to find a hammock to cocoon in. You let your imagination wander in the trees and birds and clouds. Sometime later, the sound of the session ending rings out and you return to your day peaceful, grounded, and energized.

You know being in nature feels right. You know being around other women, trying new things, moving your body, and taking time to disconnect (from your awesome hectic life), are necessary activities. So we’re combining them to make the best use of your precious time.

I invite you to join other CEOs amplifying their energy, focus, joy, fitness, creativity through daily outdoor movement classes and nature activities on our 27 acres.

outdoor woman fitness nature exercise mom
$300 per month

2 classes per week

$500 per month

Unlimited Classes

$750 per month

Unlimited Classes
+2 personal training sessions/week
*Only 3 available!

outdoor woman fitness nature exercise mom

Classes consist of two parts!

Adapted to your body; kettlebells, bands, dumb bells

Rolling, stretching, balance, coordination work

Weighted backpack or no weight walking

How to grow/use herbs, local plants, gardening tips

Survival, woodworking, breath work

Nature inspired, friendship bracelets, seasonal

What else is included in the membership?

Axe throwing, new skills, new friends, wine tasting – the possibilities are endless!

Boost your health with regular visits to other small businesses at member rates.

Glamping for members-only with special treats, guest speakers, fun activities, and more!

About Coach Colleen

woman fitness forest meditation

For a couple years in her teens, she went Spring mud sliding in her yard with her friend because…what else do you do with long stretches of muddy grass?!

Here’s a few beliefs Colleen holds: she needs to be in a forest to feel whole, her greatest desire is for you to feel your strength, we all need more playful activity, and change of environment leads to better problem solving!

If you want to read more of her bio, click here!

Booking now for January 2024! (email capture)